Sublime Light Serum


Sublime Light Serum


The power of a Magnolia and Licorice compound to fight against the appearance of age spots : 100 times more effective than vitamin C

1 Patented Active Ingredient

Cinq Mondes Laboratories have formulated Sublime Light Serum, a remarkable triple action treatment to:

- Fight against age spots and prevent their appearance
- Develop a radiant complexion
- Protect skin cells from UVs

After 56 days:
- 23.5%* dark spots

- 82%** women found:
> the color of their dark spots was less intense
> the quality of their complexion had visibly improved

Apply 3 drops morning and evening on the whole face and areas to be treated (hands, décolleté), as a foundation to your serum or face cream. Progressively, age spots fade, the skin is more radiant, and the complexion even and smoothed.

* Assessment of efficacy obtained from clinical scores on 18 volunteers by an independent laboratory
** Assessment of satisfaction obtained from 22 volunteers by an independent laboratory

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