Phyto-Tonic Oil


Phyto-Tonic Oil


“The exceptional wealth of the Amazon Rain forest for firm, smooth and toned skin” 1 Patented Active Ingredient

Inspired by the beauty rituals of Brazilian women, Cinq Mondes Laboratories have concentrated the best of traditional Amazonian pharmacopeia in Phyto-Tonic Oil.
This unprecedented formula combines:
- Organic Brazil Nut Oil to moisturize the skin, avoid cutaneous drying and boost cell renewal,
- A patented Lupin extract to improve the skin’s elasticity, remodel and firm areas of sagging skin.
With each application, skin becomes firmer and its texture improves.
Proven effectiveness:
Significant improvement in skin firmness: +45% *
89%** of women stated that:
- their skin was immediately more comfortable,
- the texture of their skin was of better quality after 28 days.

*assessment of efficacy obtained from clinical scores and customer measurements on 18 volunteers by an independent laboratory
** assessment of satisfaction obtained from 18 volunteers by an independent laboratory

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